A photographers style is often a reflection of their own personality. I have always been someone who expresses themselves visually. Imagine a quiet and shy 18 year old with a red mohawk, yes in the late 90's I was a mosher! Nowadays the 50's a greaser look is my favourite. Classic visual trends have always fascinated me, the story they tell with having to say a word.

I shoot in a discreet, un-intrusive fashion and have a stylish, quirky look to my imagery. The most important thing I do is capture the atmosphere telling stories in one or multiple frames. I integrate into scene and wait for the right moment quickly moving away once I have got what I want. Anticipation and positioning is a skill I put above any other.

When it comes to the look, it's all about the atmosphere. A lover of anything retro I add a little grain and warmth to take you inside and give it an authentic feel.

from the streets...

I take a lot of influence from street photography, there is an artistry that goes beyond a photography, I admire the anticipation of being unseen whilst taking a killer photograph. The storytelling aspect of photography, with every shot being intentional and building something bigger is the driving force behind my style I would say. Lots of small intimate moments look great on their own, but together, look amazing.

the look...

Camera's these days can take pictures that are beyond real, things that your eye wont see are brought to the forefront. For me this takes away atmosphere and an organic feel. To that end I have developed a look which is part of my editing process to give the photograph that organic feel and a real sense of the atmosphere in the frame.


I get that a lot, but its just because I love and care about what I do so much. My style is part of me, and as I develop an grow as a person and a photographer, so will my style. It just so happens that something goes mainstream, I always hit the brakes and go off in a different direction. That's why I don't really take on the latest trends. Keep it real and keep it classic I say.