Four Hours in Reykjavik


Last year, first one…

This weekend marked my first wedding of 2019. This year being my retirement year, I have not booked as many weddings to shoot, but they all are pretty cool. I don’t think you get much cooler than Iceland though, literally! I won’t talk too much about the wedding as it was always meant to be a private affair, and that is how it shall remain.

Some time to kill

After finishing late and being force fed shots by the wedding party, we got up early, when I say we, I brought Mr Jack Parkinson of an awesome wedding photographer! After filling up on the breakfast buffet, we drive from the east side of Iceland heading towards Reykjavik to ‘kill’ four hours before heading to the airport.

It was my second time in this beautiful place so I already new some cool spots to shoot in. My perspective was slightly different, as it has been for a few months. I find myself being more selective of what I shoot, raising the bar for what I find interesting. Maybe this is a trait of a more mature photographer or maybe i’m just getting old.

Reviewing the story

Whenever we stopped, I struggled with the wifi connection from camera to phone, still shit, even in 2019. I got three shots on instagram and then put a pause on the posting. This is a story of four hours spent wandering and the images needed to be together. I went through the shots and I have only discarded a couple. I thought I’d make a quick youtube video of the story. Now, I have always been of the side of creating a set of images rather than that one epic shot. I built my wedding photography business on this philosophy.


I suppose I need to talk about this. I shot this all on one of my Fujifilm X-T2 cameras, with the 23mm f/1.4 all in JPG and custom setting giving a moody black and white image. Enjoy the story.