So, you’re after a wedding photographer with a northern work ethic, possibly a bit weird, with mad photography skills and of course from Lancashire. That’s a pretty accurate description of me, Andy Hirst. I have been delighting couples with photographs of their nuptials since 2009. Below I am going to tell you why I might be the right photographer for you.



If you are a bit awkward or shy getting your picture taken, then don’t worry. I’m all about telling a natural story, I spend most of the day sneaking around and getting all those little moments. I do this from the perspective of a guest, blending in and getting close. I’ll catch you being yourself before you know I have taken a shot.


 On the mantle

You always need that one shot that ends up on the mantle piece or to hang on the wall. The shot that personifies your wedding day and relationship. Together we will come up with something that is not only cool, but incorporates the surroundings on the day still telling a story. This is still a no awkward posing zone by the way, i’ll give you minimal instructions the get the shot and you can have a moment.



My visual style is retro in nature, I am highly inspired by documentary photographers from the 60’s and those old film shots taken by mum’s and dad’s on Blackpool beach in that era. They told a story, it wasn’t just a single picture of someone, there is context. The look of them is so cool, the grain and contrast in the colours is something i’ll always love. I shoot to tell a story in each image and apply a modern take on a film look that means the images are as timeless as they are stylish.


Honest hard work

My wedding photography style can only be achieved with, lets just say, an athletic approach. I move quickly to photograph moments and go in search of the next one to stay relatively unnoticed. If i stay in the same place too long, your guests become aware all too easily. I also believe in getting the whole story, which with my all day package you most certainly get. That’s the northern work ethic.



Possible one of my favourite parts of the day, at this point everyone has let themselves go and the dance floor is full. I am right in the thick it capturing the action, energy and all those batsh*t crazy moments. Trust me I’ve seen some sights…..and photographed them.



Please contact me and tell me about you and your wedding plans. I only accept a limited amount of bookings a year so it’s a good shout to check as soon as you can.


See for yourself

Have a look at my portfolio and see what i’ve done for these legendary couples.