Liz + Ed

I think Andy must have special powers; despite being a 6 foot something guy he managed to blend into the background throughout the day and wasn’t aware of him at all. Felt so comfortable around him. Apart from capturing the day brilliantly, he was also there to help the guys with getting dressed properly.....who knows what they would have looked like otherwise!

Stacey + Aaron

Andy was majorly calming to have around when you’re totally freaking out getting ready. He was great and most of the time we didn’t know he was there. During the day he was mingling in the guests so I didn’t notice him really, which is better for the type of pics we wanted. When the photos came we were blown away! The more I looked, the more I liked them. I couldn’t pick which ones I wanted for the album and box, they were all just what we wanted and I wanted them all. He really captured the day. 

Manchester Wedding Photographer Packaging-71.jpg

Alyson + Carl

One of the main reasons we chose Andy was that he wasn’t ‘in your face’ we are not stand up in front of a camera sort of people and Andy’s approach was just perfect, he didn’t once make us feel uncomfortable, he was very discreet.