The Lowdown


The why's, how's and what's

I have been a wedding photographer for a long time now, every time I meet a new couple I am always inspired by their vision and ideas for what makes their perfect wedding day. The one thing they all have in common, apart from being totally cool of course, is that they want to have a relaxed, fun day not only for themselves, but their guests too. My style of wedding photography really appeals to couples doing it their way, saying no to tradition whilst emphasising the important bits and then having a blast to celebrate.


Why Me?

Yeah Andy, why?

Just like any storyteller, research is important. For your story I always connect with you so that I can understand you and your personalities. My approach is always tailored to you, telling your story creatively and honestly. I am always excited when going to shoot a wedding, because its what I love to do.


How I Work

Who needs sleep

Bloody hard essentially. I only have one mode and that is all the way to 11! Some people think I am crazy, but it's how I produce the work I do. I believe in telling the full story and to do that I start early and finish late, I get close without being imposing or in the way, I blend in and move quickly all whilst being creative and imaginative for the duration.


What You Get

The goodies

What I present to you is a full story of images, from preparations to the party. Depending on the size and duration of your wedding you could receive anything from 300-800 images in an online gallery. You are able to download in full quality and print as you wish. I do offer professional quality prints and a very sexy and very eco friendly wedding album.

You've Got To See This




A Simple approach