Marquee Wedding In Bury St. Edmunds

Grace + Hugh

Marquee weddings are becoming a habit for me, well the combination of the local church frequented by the family for years and then a marquee in the large back garden. So when Grace and Hugh dropped me an enquiry to talk about their wedding photography, I was pretty happy. Then when they said they were good friends of one of my previous couples, Letty and Will I was buzzing about being their wedding photographer.

Natural was the name of the game, which is a good job because that’s what I do. Now this was a big wedding, so I brought backup, namely Jack from Project Valentine. This was so I could spend all morning with grace and Jack spent all morning with Hugh. This works great because we are able to catch both sides of the story for the final set of images.

On to St Edmund's Church in Bury St Edmund’s which was pretty epic on the inside and it needed to be to fit all the guests inside. It was an emotional service with tears and laughter and ended with Grace and Hugh walking into a blizzard of confetti. One of my favourite confetti shots ever I think.

Back in the grounds of Hugh’s parents house stood a Marquee that only a few hours before was being dressed and setup by Hugh’s army of groomsmen. The perfect venue for some very emotional speeches and on to a very energetic evening which included a ceilidh and then a rock band which made for some epic moves busted on the dance floor.

All in all it was a great wedding to be a part of, with so much going on and a couple so happy to be together, it was an absolute pleasure to be Grace and Hugh’s wedding photographer.