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Hi there lovely person looking for a wedding photographer. You are planning a unique wedding true to your personality and style, ignoring tradition and celebrating the way you want to. That's the kind of wedding I thrive at and love to photograph.

My name is Andy Hirst and I live up in Lancashire with my wife Clare and dog Barney. I call myself a natural wedding photographer although you may have heard the words documentary or reportage. In a nutshell I tell stories with pictures from the perspective of a guest experiencing your wedding day. I work tirelessly, starting early and finishing late to document just how much fun was had. You wedding is an event to go down in history no matter if its a small private do or a huge celebration. My style of photography captures all the energy, emotion and the crazy. 

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You don't take yourself too seriously so theres no need to do any fake posing for the sake of it, just let the day flow with a smile on your face.

Although being based up in Lancashire, I would say I spend most of my time travelling around the UK to shoot weddings in many different loctaions, this means I experience many venues and especially the DIY marquee weddings with the same wonder and intrigue as you and your guests.

Have a gander at my portfolio and then get in touch to tell me what you are planning and I will send you a personalised proposal on how I would approach your wedding.


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We just want to chill on our wedding day...

I hear you! Planning your wedding is a stressful experience, the last you want is that to continue on the day. Your wedding photographer actually has a big influence on this. That is why I work the way I do so you can have the best experience and at the end of it all an amazing set of images to remember it all.

So, you’re a bit shy, maybe have a weird Chandler Bing smile, that’s cool, I won’t make you stand and pose or do anything fake. Photographing  your wedding day from the perspective of a guest gives your wedding photographs the atmosphere to show the experience of your wedding for you to relive.

To achieve this, I work tirelessly on your wedding day, trust me you should see me the day after on the couch! I put all my energy into your wedding day, moving quickly and quietly to be in the right place at the right time, mostly going unnoticed. I like to start early and finish late to get everything from the hustle and bustle of the preparations right through to the crazy dance floor action, and I do mean crazy!

Just be yourself, that's all you have to do!