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As they say in the up 'ere: Ow’Do!

My name is Andy Hirst and I’m a photographer who has shot weddings and events across the UK, including Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Yorkshire and the Lake District. I consider myself to have an alternative documentary-style approach to shooting both intimate & epic weddings, and prefer to let unforgettable moments speak for themselves. It means less staged poses and more relaxed, natural wedding photography.

It's about you!

Your wedding day is such a massive occasion, it really needs to be preserved. I like to work with couples before the wedding so during it, to ensure we capture the highlights and everything in between. My presence as a photographer is very low-key, and I will mostly stay in the background, saving the best moments and emotions for you to look back on at a later date. Saying that, nowt’ wrong with getting the family together for that big celebration shot!

I Love It, I Do

I can honestly say that being married is awesome (I’m pretty sure my wife can vouch for that too). In this way, I can understand the importance of your day and how much goes into creating such a huge event. The wedding day itself goes past in a flash (excuse the pun), but what you’ll be left with is a seamless collection of photographs that tell the story of your day from beginning to end.

If you would like to find out more about my previous work, or you just want to chat about your big day, get in touch and I’ll get the coffee.


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Don't be shy, my grandad would always exclaim in his Ukrainian accent, after putting 12 doughnuts in front of me. I miss that dude! Anyway, it costs nothing to talk and i'd love to here about you and your plans for the best day of your life. Just drop the simple details below and I will respond to start the conversation. I am based in Lancashire but love to travel.



Andy Hirst is an alternative wedding photographer based in Lancashire UK. Specialising in a relaxed documentary style

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