Ow'do, I'm Andy

Lancashire wedding photographer with an alternative documentary style. I shoot weddings all over the North of England and throughout the UK including Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Yorkshire and The Lake District. Documentary is the best word I can use to describe my methods, I love natural moments captured in a creative way.

Being married is awesome, I can totally vouch for that and I am pretty sure my lovely wife will as well.  I value honesty which is why I approach wedding photography this way, I create collections of images that tell your story in a creative way whilst preserving the experience on the day for you and your guests.

Bit of a hipster

Yeah, yeah I get called a hipster every now and again, but then again they are probably right. I like the odd, the crazy and off the wall. That's what I love about my wife, she is all of those three things, as well as beautiful of course. I present my images with a cool moody look that breathe atmosphere and tell a deep story with rustic tones and creamy black and whites.

Sneeking about

I have got mad skills in this department, I never stay in one place long enough to be noticed. This preserves your experience and allows me to be in the moment and give you a collection of images that make you feel like you were there all over again.


I see every wedding as a collaboration, by working with you both before the wedding and all the vendors on the day, you get your awesome wedding day.


say hello

Don't be shy, my grandad would always exclaim in his Ukrainian accent, after putting 12 doughnuts in front of me. I miss that dude! Anyway, it costs nothing to talk and i'd love to here about you and your plans for the best day of your life. Just drop the simple details below and I will respond to start the conversation. I am based in Lancashire but love to travel.



Andy Hirst is an alternative wedding photographer based in Lancashire UK. Specialising in a relaxed documentary style

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